Errol Bowling Club  April 2018 Green Report

                      Picture Taken 30th April 2018


2nd   GPG  Setting rinks and markers,  GP  Putting seats and table out.   3rd  Patch rink two brush green n/s.

5th   Service Sisis Rotorake, brush green e/w, Peter cutting first at 8mm, then big mower at 6mm, edges trimmed and ditch cleaned.  7th  Double roll green speed 7’ pre 8.8ft after.   9th Aerate green with multi tines to 2”, spray green with Propel R wetting Agent.   10th Spray green with Cal-Form (Calcium) Start compost Tea+ Fungal additive.

11th Brush green e/w, spray compost tea, Adjust J Deere Mower.

 12th Brush green n/s Peter cutting, soak patches with second compost brew.  14th Spread Microlite 12-0-12 x 30Kg

16th  Brush green n/s  18th Brush green n/s green cut patches in rink two.  19th Spike heads with sarrel roller seed patches.

20th  Brush green e/w green cut water patches. 21st Brush green, change aerator spikes on groundsman to long.

23rd Green cut and ditch edged and cleaned. 25th  Spike heads with groundsman to 2.5” green cut and rolled in afternoon.

27th Brush green Peter Cutting.  28th Brush green, Spray Maxicrop Seaweed.

30th Aerate green heads  with groundsman 12 paases at 1.5”, Green cut, Flat roof cleared of rubbish and weeds, take Pic




Graham M Craig:  Green Curator          Advisory :     Andy Menmuir Technical Representative Agronomist (Rigby Taylor)

                                                                                                                    Gary Smith MBPR  Technical Sales Manager   (Symbio)


30th April 2018

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