Errol Bowling Club - May Green Report


Picture Taken May 4th 2017

Picture of Cranefly (Leather jacket) hatching from green, early due to warm dry weather (Daddy-long-legs)


1st   Brush and vacuum green to remove leaves

2nd   Water new patches and some dry heads,  backlap and reset Big mower

3rd  Spray green with Cal-Form for calcium deficiency,  water plants in garden

4th  Spray green with Propel R wetting agent for dry patch

5th  Lift leaves from green, edges cut, ditches cleaned

6th  Lifting leaves.

8th Spike centre of green with groundsman to 30mm

9th  Spray green with Maxicrop Triple Seaweed then water in, meet Andy Menmuir discuss green

10th Verticut green, reset mower to 4.5mm green very dry.

11th Start compost tea.    

12th Spray compost tea on green after cutting

13th Rain at last, first decent showers since 17th March. 

16th Aerate and overseed water in. 

18th  Spray garden area for weeds and mono block area and path.

19th Edges cut ditches cleaned, John Deere mower set at 4mm.

23rd  Seed patches on rink 2 

24th  Verticut 1-5 n/s.    

25th Spray green with Microflow 14-0-7

26th Backlap sharpen John Deere mower. 

29th aerate heads with groundsman to 35m

30th  Shelves in store.  

31st Verticut at 72mm setting, edges cut ditches cleaned



Graham M Craig Green Curator.

Andy Menmuir Technical Representative Agronomist (Rigby Taylor)

We are located at:

Errol Bowling Club

School Wynd

Errol, Perth

Perth and Kinross



TEL:01821 642586



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