Errol Bowling Club  July 2018 Green Report



Picture Taken 24th JULY 2018.   Green Aerating to 32mm and overseeding heads after heavy rain. 



1st Roll green for JK fun day.  2nd No cut, irrigation at 9.30pm. 3rd Roll green, irrigation on 10.00pm 4th Green cut, irrigation at night. 5th Water heads with hose, irrigation at night. 6th Irrigation on in morning and night green very dry. 7th Very warm, irrigation at night. 9th Flood bare patches with hose, irrigation on at night. 10th Roll green, water heads next to wall. 11th Green cut and edges cut ditch cleared, start compost tea. 12th First rain since 19th June, spray compost tea on green, start rebrew.

13th Spray rebrew on very dry patches, start 3rd rebrew.  14th Spray green with Propel R wetting agent, spray 3rd rebrew around edges and heads.  15th Cut and roll green for ladies nominations, start a new compost brew. 16th Aerate green to 28mm spray compost tea on green, start rebrew. Roll green for nominations  17th Meeting with Gary Smith, spray green with Microflow CXS plus rebrew. 18th Water all plants clean CT equipment.  19th Spray green with Calform Calcium, water dry patches. 20th Green cut and rolled for ladies Nominations. 21st Green brushed for worm casts.22nd Green watered, heads watered. 23rd John Deere mower backlap/ grind, greased and reset. 24th Aerate green and overseed heads. 25th Green cut. 26th Green light verticut, mower reset then cut green. 27th Green cut, edges trimmed and ditch cleared. 28th Change heads on Groundsman to multi core tines. 30th Green Cut, Core, over seed and top dress heads next to entrance path.  31st Core, over seed, top dress heads on opposite side of entrance path.


RAIN Showers.  3rd,4th,13th,14th,16th&17th APRIL. 2nd&8th MAY:  16th&19th JUNE. 12th, 20th, 23rd July

Graham M Craig:  Green Curator          Advisory :     Andy Menmuir Technical Representative Agronomist (Rigby Taylor)


Gary Smith MBPR,  Technical Sales Manager  (Symbio)



We are located at:

Errol Bowling Club

School Wynd

Errol, Perth

Perth and Kinross



TEL:01821 642586



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