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               October 2018 Green Report

1st Aerate heads with groundsman, green cut, spray with Cal-Form for calcium deficiency.  2nd   Spray green with Propel-R wetting agent, clean all spraying equipment.  3rd  Switch green then cut, dead flowers removed. 4th Switch green, over seed damaged heads on rink 2. 5th  Switch green to clear dew. 8th Start Autumn work core green and over-seed, brush seed into core holes, start to break up cores with verticutter. 9th Continue to break up cores, drag mat surface, start to lift what is left of cores mostly thatch material. 10th Fit micro tines to groundsman and spike green, brush in any remaining seed and core material. Spread Microlite Active 8  6-0-24 +2%Fe on green followed by Apex Organic Fertilizer5-2-4+2Fe+7CaO+MgO+9%Ha , also zeolite to heads.  11th  Lift all outdoor seating and store in beer cellar, over seed and dress all damaged heads on all four sides of green.  12th Storm Callum, switch green, meet builder (re Banks).  13th Switch green try to get seed that is left into core holes. 14th Remove dew from green. 15th Heavy due switch green, spread 20kg zeolite and 20kg  Organic fertilizer 5-2-4+2Fe+7CaO+MgO+9%Ha. 16th Switch green of due, washdown spreaders and other equipment. 17th Switch dew off green, start compost tea.  18th Clean John Deere mower then take to Blairgowrie for sharpen and service, drain irrigation system. 19th Spray compost tea on green, reseed bare areas, start rebrew of compost tea.  20th Spray rebrew on heads at bare patches. 22nd Star tine and root prune over green to a depth of 65mm with groundsman aerator. 23rd Wash compost tea equipment, water overseeded patches, look at other Carse greens.  24th Backlap/sharpen Ransomes mower, Peter cutting grass, meet builder re banks, water seed.  25th Remove dead and dying bedding plants, plant bulbs, water seeded areas.26th Brush green, lift and sort bulbs from garden area. 27th Take soil temperature readings Avg 10c air temp 12c, all seed seems to be growing from overseed. 29th Green covered in frost. 30th Hand seed small areas, Spray Velocite & Seaweed. 31st Switch dew from green.


Graham M Craig:  Green Curator. 

  Advisory:    Andy Menmuir Technical Representative Agronomist (Rigby Taylor)

                          Gary Smith MBPR,  Technical Sales Manager  (Symbio)




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