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The original bowling club green was open when the club was formed in 1879.  For a number of years previously, several gentlemen were in the habit of playing nightly on a small green in the late Dr Robertson’s garden, to which they had always access, and for his kindness, they presented the doctor in 1876 with a pair silver mounted bowls.


The play of the green and the friendly feeling it engendered greatly increased the taste for bowling and the late Lady Armitstead (then Mrs Armistead living at Inchmartine House) was applied to, and promised to give a green to the village if ground could be for the purpose. The late George Lord Kinnaird, learning of this made efforts to secure a piece of ground for this purpose, but for some time without success.


A plan was a onetime drawn for Mrs Armistead of a large bowling green, a croquet green for ladies and also a public hall for the village, which she intended to build and which was very much required.  But the search for the ground was inavailing.  Later a small property on which stood an old house, (left as a gift by the late Mr Blair, brewer, Grange of Errol) to the Perth Infirmary, came into the market and this was at once purchased by Lord Kinnaird for Mrs Armitstead.  On this property the green was made and a handsome club house was built at the expense of Mrs Armitstead and this green as already stated was 1879 by the donor.


The shape of the green however was somewhat awkward and some years after a neighbouring property came into the market and this was also purchased and the green was considerably increased in size so much so to allow the club playing three rinks north or south, east or west.


Sometime after a third neighbouring property came in to market and this was secured.  The original bowling house being taken down and the green enlarged and made square and a splendid new bowling house erected in its place, again by Mrs Armitstead. This now completed green was opened in 1895 and since then the club has continued to flourish, this present year under the presidency of Mr R.W.Gibb who, it is interesting to mention is the only surviving  member who was also a member at the start in 1879.  Many young players arising and leaving the Errol green, adorn other clubs in the neighbouring towns.


The Errol Bowling Club is exceedingly rich in trophies, of which a few of the more notable may here be mentioned:

1893 – Forfarshire Bowling Tournament Cup – won by William Goodall, A.A.Barlcay, Jun. R.S.Reid, William Tait,  Skip.

1908 – Representatives from Errol Bowling Club winners of Perthshire Club Championship Cup.

1909 – A double honour came to the club – William Goodall winning the Perthshire Single-handed Championship, and the following rink securing the Hunter Cup – R.Pride,  jun. R.W.Gibb, Willsher Goodall, William Goodall, Skip.

1910 – The Club were the winner of the Forfarshire, Perthshire and Fifeshire Bowling Association Trophy

1912 – the Hunter Cup again came George Clark, R.Pride, jun.Willsher Goodall, William Goodall, Skip

On two occasions also the North and South Scotland single-handed Championship was won by Errol veteran bowler William Goodall.

1913- The Perthshire Single-Handed Championship – Athol Trophy was won by R.Pride jun.

But in the Autumn of 1914 when the grey clouds of war darkened the horizon, the Errol Bowlers, true to their sporting instincts, sprang almost as one man to the colours, a few of the veterans however, kept the bowling club going and now with the return of the boys, who were fortunate enough to return, the club has reached again its old standard of excellence.

A very chaste illuminated Roll of Honour beautifully framed has been prepared and now adorns the clubhouse -

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