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                    APRIL 2019 Green Report


1st  Spike green 1/3 towards middle, put out seats and table, paint when weather better. 2nd Alter new chain at entrance path, cut protectors for bank at step points, drill and fit outside door retaining chain. 8th Peter cutting green with John Deere Mower, Graham rolling green, take picture of rhododendron in garden. 9th Brush green, trim shrubs in garden, spray garden and mono blocks with weed killer. 11th Cut perimeter of green trim edges and clear all cuttings from ditch, meet Andy Menmuir discuss green. 12th Brush green, reset John Deere mower to 5mm, Peter then cutting green 4x boxes removed, weeding garden.  13th Brush green, then roll green, markers and mats out for opening day. 15th Peter cutting green, then green sprayed with fertilizer CMS Shoot 5.0.2 with fulvic and amino acid plus Bio/booster N 26.0.0. 16th Clean mono blocks in garden with rotary brush and weed gravel area. 18th Core rinks 1 and2 east/west overseed and topdress, water area on completion, repair irrigation system at gate drain tap. 19th Green cut, clear carpark area of all building materials, water seeded areas. 20th Brush green, test and re-set pressure relief valve to 7 bar max with heads shut on irrigation system. 22nd Brush green of dew, green cut 2x boxes, hand seed some heads. 23rd Transfer sand to bag between bushes, fit two posts for sweet peas, water seeded areas. 24th green cut, edges trimmed, and all material removed from ditch, set green for first PDL. 25th Hand spike heads 2,3&4 beside path and overseed and topdress. 26th Grass cut Pm as wet in morning. 29th Green cut, weeding and trimming. 30th Spray green with soluble Iron for moss control, take scrap metal to Perth.


Graham M Craig:  Green Curator. 


Advisory:    Andy Menmuir Technical Representative Agronomist (Rigby Taylor)




April 2019 Weather Report

     Soil Report/ 2019-2020 Next sample to                        be taken September 2020

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