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              SEPTEMBER 2019 Green Report


Repairing Damage to Green


2nd Verticut green then spike heads x 6 passes, Green cut x 2.5 boxes + 1 full barrow load from verticutter. Spray green with CMS Shoot+ Seaweed+Defender + Liquid Copper. 4th Heavy rain green closed. 5th Meet Andy Menmuir discuss Autumn work order  1ton top dressing plus 2x bags organic fertilizer. 6th Green cut also rotobrush south side to remove wet slime/mould from surface, change aerator to core tines. 7th Core green next to buildings, overseed and brush over. 9th Unable to cut green heavy rain. 10th Green cut. 11th finish coreing and overseeding next to buildings. 12th Spray green with CMS Shoot+ Liquid Aeration+Defender. 13th Green cut, edges trimmed, and ditches cleared. Set green for Barclay Final. 14th Brush green, water plant tubs. 15th Set green for JK fun day, switch worm casts.  16th Green cut. 17th Hollow tine next to entrance path, overseed and water in, water all tubs and borders. 18th Green cut, overseed area next to buildings water in. 19th Delivery from Rigby Taylor Autumn products transfer from house as lorry could not get access. 20th Green cut, feed all plant tubs, rinks set for final and Carse presentation. 21st Brush green set for final, collect 30xboards from Ron Gillies to be used during bank construction.23rd Green cut, rink set for ladies final, plant 6 x trays grass plugs. 24th Spray green with soluble Iron for moss control. 25th Green cut. 26th Brush green. 27th Green cut, edges trimmed and ditches cleaned, rink set for final. 28th Brush green both ways, roll green in direction of play for nominations. 29th Brush green and set. 30th Green cut repair heads on 2 and 3 at both ends core and overseed.


Graham M Craig:  Green Curator. 


Advisory:    Andy Menmuir Technical Representative Agronomist (Rigby Taylor)




September 2019 Weather Report

     Soil Report/ 2019-2020 Next sample to                        be taken September 2020

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